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P.O. Box 902

50 Cralle Court

Kilmarnock, VA 22482

Phone:  804-436-9618

Fax:   804-436-9619



Summer Hours:

                            Monday & Tuesday         10:00am--4:30pm

                            Wednesday                            CLOSED

                            Thursday & Friday          10:00am--4:30pm

                             Saturday                          10:00am--2:00pm

                             Sunday                                  CLOSED










Spas/Hot tubs

We sell only quality tubs at competitive prices.  We deliver and service our tubs. Come in and do a wet test!


Jacuzzi Spas - www.jacuzzihottubs.com

Nordic Hot Tubs

Pool & Spa Services:


 Pool Weekly & Bi-Weekly Maintenance

 Pool Winterization

  Pool Service Calls

 Spa Opening

 Spa Weekly & Bi-Weekly Maintenance

 Spa Winterization

 Spa Service Calls

 Pool / Spa Inspections



Chlorine Alternatives:

Pristine Blue It's just like fresh clean water you won't need to shower after you get out of the pool or spa.

Soft Swim - www.bioguard.com

Salt Systems 

Water Care:

Need a little help with your water chemistry? Try our Alex Computerized Water Analysis. Bring 10oz. water from your pool takes only 5 mins.!

 Bioguard Dealer/Earth Science Dealer





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